What to Cook for Your Festive Easter Feasts

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Whether you’re cooking a light lunch or a feast for dinner, Easter meals should feel as joyous as the holiday. They’re also the perfect time to break out those springtime ingredients you’ve been missing all winter. Don’t worry, though. You don’t have to say goodbye to the warming aspects of cold-weather dishes quite yet. There’s room for everything, which is why we love a tried-and-true game plan: One large-format centerpiece and a fresh vegetable or salad, rounded out with a comforting side dish. Our pick for the latter? Idahoan Buttery Homestyle® Mashed Potatoes, which are real potatoes, real easy. It’s the original comfort food, after all. For something quick and easy that delivers homemade taste, there’s nothing better.

Should you choose a familiar glazed ham or a less-expected, but still seasonally fit, poached chicken with asparagus, “America’s Favorite Mashed Potatoes,” made from 100% real Idaho® potatoes, are the ideal partner. Here is a collection of main dishes and salads to mix and match for a complete Easter meal this year. The side dish is spoken for.

Maple-Glazed City Ham

If you’re going traditional, an Easter ham is a great choice. This one is glazed with sweet maple syrup and molasses, mixed with briney mustard and a spike of cinnamon. Mixed together, the flavors create a dynamic crust on the tender ham, balanced out perfectly by easy, warm mashed potatoes.

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